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Block Management

of residential developments in Ireland

What is Blockmanagement?

Every residents committee or Management Company seeks trouble free, cost efficient management of their estate or development. The effective running of your development not only enhances its appearance but also the value of your home.
The Multi-Unit Development act outlines among other areas the requirement for developers to handover common areas and control of the management company. Unfortunately, significant issues remain in relation to the implementation of the act. With extensive experience in this problem area, blockmanagement.ie are in a position to guide you through these difficulties to ensure your development fulfils its potential ensuring what was promised on the brochure when you made your purchase is provided.

Our Services

CKP is committed to ensuring that uncompromising standards are met through a transparent and cost efficient service that ensures the long term success and sustainability of your development.

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Maintenance of Financial Records

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Negotiation and Controlling of Agreements

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Project Management and Support in the Decision Making

#Project Management of any projects and or tasks such as dealing with an insurance claim. #Suport in the decision making, creating a strategy for the development or estate

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Other Services

#Health & Safety in the building and surrounding area #Building Inspections and Insurance #Communication about the legalities and compliance with the latest changes in the law including landlord and leaseholder rules and regulations.

Our Team

We believe that a combination of experienced and highly trained staff, an in-depth knowledge of the local property market and an ongoing commitment to utilising advances in technology are the reasons you should choose Casey Kennedy Estate agents. CKP are true professionals for whom reputation, innovation and service matter most of all.

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Ralph Kearns

Property Manager

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Janet Loesken

Bookkeeper and Admin

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Shane O'Callaghan

Managing Director